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IProfit's Continued Popularity

IProfit Update, San Diego, CA, January 5, 2012: Since launching iProfit in 2009 thousands of world-wide users have downloaded the app that helps them get to the right sales price easily and accurately. 

Setting Sales Launches iProfit app to Calculate Sales Prices on the fly

- Improves sales person’s ability to close deals, respond to customers faster -

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2010

Setting Sales, Inc., a sales effectiveness consulting practice, today announced the official launch of iProfit, an iPhone/iTouch app that will help organizations close deals and respond to customers faster.

The tool helps sales people calculate purchase prices for volume purchases on the fly while still meeting the company’s markup and gross margin standards.

“A key deal breaker often occurs not because of anything to do with the product itself, but rather when the company rep is forced to get back to a prospect about what kind of unit price their products would be for various volume purchases. It gives the customer a chance to look at competing offerings or – worse yet – change their mind entirely,” said Mary Tucker, Founder of Setting Sales. “iProfit gives sales people the power to offer prospects an accurate, reliable quote for any volume purchase in real time, making them more responsible, more customer friendly and more likely to close the opportunity. The tool’s ROI is certain and immediate.” 

More than 250 people in 15 countries have already downloaded the application before it was announced to the general public. Unlike full-blown calculators or competing tools, iProfit is currency agnostic, and enables the sales person to embed the company’s mandated profit margin and markup rates, and then simply enter in the raw unit data for a particular situation in order to compute the correct figure. No spreadsheet or complex formula must be utilized or memorized, making the product a productivity and revenue-generation asset.

iProfit is available for download on iPhone and iTouch for $0.99. Interested parties can learn more at

About Setting Sales, Inc.: 
Headquartered in San Diego, Setting Sales is a sales effectiveness consulting practice, designed to improve the revenue growth opportunities for companies that offer business-to-business service and technology solutions. For more information, visit

Mary Tucker