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A Sales Business Plan helps identify critical factors impacting sales team performance. Pipelines are leading indicators of sales success.



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About Setting Sales

Interim Sales Executives can Help You Meet Your Sales Quotas

Setting Sales is a sales management consulting firm headquartered in San Diego.  We help our clients build and lead high performance sales teams, from hiring and training through implementation and ongoing team management. Services are provided via an interim-executive model, designed to give small businesses access to world-class sales expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time Vice President of Sales.

Our clients want more sales, but they have challenges, like these:

  • Sales people aren't closing enough new business.
  • Many prospects in the pipeline never close.
  • The average deal size is getting smaller.
  • Profitability is on the decline.
  • Increased pressure on the sales organization isn't producing increased sales.
  • Investments in marketing aren't paying off.
  • Resources are lacking to build and manage high performance sales.

We can help! Our small business sales support services include recruiting and training sales staff, development of compensation plans, team motivation, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, all designed to help meet your needs, whether that is reducing costs, closing more sales, increasing profits or developing more leads. Inquire Here!