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A Sales Business Plan helps identify critical factors impacting sales team performance. Pipelines are leading indicators of sales success.



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Sales Coaching and Leadership

Increased sales don't happen magically. Applying the right combination of people, processes and technology will turn a sluggish pipeline into a robust sales engine. Practical knowledge, gained from years of leading high-performance sales teams, helps produce actionable solutions for a positive return on your sales investment. To improve sales results, focus as follows:

  • More activity at each stage of the sales pipeline
  • Maximize leads that have the greatest potential
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in driving the sales process

Setting Sales provides sales management consulting to small and medium sized businesses, generally $1-50 Million in annual sales revenue. A wide range of services helps executives develop high-performance sales teams to meet business goals.

'The answer for any Senior Executive who is wondering why his/her organization is not achieving its Sales objective.' B.I. Doyle